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Food Sciences and Nutrition - Study in English

Entry Requirements

The MSc. in Food Science and Nutrition is a full-time taught course running for 18 months

Candidates for registration in this MSc. course must first hold at least Bachelor of Science degree in any of the following subjects:

International applicants must have obtained an academic Bachelor of Science degree or Engineer degree in a discipline related to the content of the programme. Candidates are expected to have basic science training in at least two of the following fields: mathematics, chemistry and biochemistry, biology and microbiology


Each application will be evaluated by the Educational Committee for admission and the personal interview with the applicant might be necessary.


Applicants are expected to speak English enough to make oral presentation and participate actively in the courses and use internet to search for relevant information.



Learning outcomes of the whole programme


On successful completion of this programme, students should be able to:

· present as an original research in food science and an evaluation of the associated scientific thesis

· apply critical thinking skills to solve problems in food science.

· explain the principles of, and apply in practice, techniques used in food research scientific literature

The expected outcomes are that students should acquire and demonstrate:


· an understanding of the technological and science base for the production and preservation of foods;

· an understanding of methods for the assessment and control of food safety;

· an understanding of the science base of diet and health issues as they influence the food industry;

· an ability to elaborate methods to modify and control food quality by means of chemical, microbiological and sensory analysis techniques;

· a capacity to undertake research in food science

· critical, presentational and inter-personal skills.


Other informations

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